This series of classes is led by several club Grand Master and National ranked BJCP judges with exam administration, grading, and senior BJCP management experience.  The courses will provide the mead maker with the essentials to self critique aspects of their own mead as well as provide the knowledge needed to become a skilled BJCP mead judge. The classes consist of both technical education as well as development of analyzing skills. The series prepares you to pass the online entrance exam as well as developing the judging skills needed for the tasting exam and judging in competitions. Students are given priority seating in the exams scheduled for Milwaukee.

The classes are open to anyone and not limited to people intending to become judges as the material is valuable for any mead maker interested in taking their mead to a higher level. The program has been designed as combination of class room and self-study sessions over the course of six weeks with recommended reading and reference material. These courses can be enhanced by scheduling classes or a causal get-together with friends at the end of weeks 2, 4 and 6 to discuss key points, share samples of mead and honey and prepare for the on line entrance exam as well as the tasting exam. It is strongly recommended that attendees complete the pre-work in order to actively participate in classroom discussions and practices.